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Flex-Axiom — AFM for materials research

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Anchorage Alaska - How to buy Viagra in Washington District of Columbia

  • Easy to use and high performance
  • High resolution and low-noise design
  • Modes and accessories to handle all your research needs
  • Extremely modular to keep you productive
  • Upgradable for life science and operation on large stages


  • Imaging of samples in air and liquid
  • Advanced mechanical, electrical and magnetical modes
  • Electrochemical AFM
  • Environmental control
  • Scanning thermal microscopy and nano thermal analysis (SThM and Nano-TA)
  • Advanced force spectroscopy

Lateral force microscopy on polystyrene-polybutadiene blend

The lateral force imaging mode was used to image local friction differences between the two polymers

Polystyrene and polybutadiene are shown to have quite different surface properties

lateral-force-1 Overlay of difference between lateral deflection in forward and backward directions on top of topography. The difference is dominated by friction forces. Polystyrene (green areas) shows a higher friction than polybutadiene.System: FlexAFM with ES2 controller
Scan size: 9 µm
Cantilever: PPP-CONTSCROverlay of friction on topography
lateral-force-2 Overlay of average of lateral deflection in forward and backward directions on top of topography. The average is dominated by slope variations in the sample. The steepest slope (in red) is observed close to a large inset of polystyrene. The average shows no large color difference between the polymers in flatter areas.Overlay of slope on topography
lateral-force-3 Line section of lateral deflection difference and average of forward and backward scan directions.
Line section of friction and slope signals

Electrochemical AFM

This report demonstrates the capability of the FlexAFM in studies of charged solid-liquid interfaces

In order to carry out electrochemical(in-situ)AFM experiments, a conductive sample was mounted in an electrochemical liquid cell and connected to a lab-build bipotentiostat. We employed Clavilier-type Au(111) single crystal bead crystal electrodes with facets of micrometer-wide terraces. As examples, we studied the lifting of the Au(111)-(pxV3)reconstruction, surface oxidation as well as the growth and dissolution of copper clusters in sulfuric acid solution.


3D Copper cluster grown on Au(111)

KPFM using the Nanosurf FlexAFM

Kelvin probe force microscopy imaging

Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM) is an extension of AFM. The technique was first published in 1991 by Nonnenmacher and coworkers. Using KPFM, images can be recorded that contain information on the local work function or local contact potential difference between tip and sample.
Although all Nanite systems with an SPM S200 controller and all current Easyscan 2 AFM systems are in principle capable of performing KPFM, the FlexAFM has demonstrated best KPFM performance and is therefore the instrument of choice for this type of measurement.
For a detailed description of requirements and procedures, please contact Nanosurf support.

kpmg Topography. Scan Range: 10 µm x 10 µm. Z-range: 9 nm.
kpmg-2 KPFM Signal. Scan range: 10 µm x 10 µm.
Local charges that were placed on an insulating (oxide) surface layer in a “Swiss cross” pattern. Image courtesy: Marcin Kisiel, Thilo Glatzel and students of the Nanocurriculum of the University of Basel.KPFM signal (top) and simultaneously recorded Topography data (bottom) are shown.
[media-downloader media_id="834" texts="Click here for details"]
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FluidFM — Nano and cell manipulation

Nanofluidic tool for single-cell biology and next-level nanomanipulation

  • Unique combination of AFM with Cytosurge FluidFM® technology
  • Optical view of the sample and highly accurate pressure, force, and position control
  • Access unique experiments: cell adhesion and spectroscopy mapping, single-cell manipulation, deposition and lithography even in liquid, injection and extraction,
    and more…


Spatial manipulation of small objects and cells
Cell adhesion and spectroscopy mapping
Colloidal force spectroscopy
Deposition and lithography in air and liquid
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NaioAFM — AFM for small samples

All-in-one atomic force microscope for small samples and nanoeducation

  • Ready-to-use, table-top AFM
  • Controller, scan head, airflow shielding, vibration isolation, camera, and sample positioning integrated into a single device
  • All standard AFM operating modes available.
  • Simple cantilever exchange: no adjustment required.
  • Very competitive pricing.
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NaioSTM — STM for nanoeducation
  • Atomic resolution in minutes.
  • Extremely simple handling and reliable operation.
  • Controller and scan head integrated into a single device:
    just connect USB and power.
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