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System for characterization of colloids by dynamic light scattering within a size range of 0.8 nm to 6.5 µm. Suitable for material systems with concentrations from ppm up to 40% vol., depending on substance type. Minimum is 1 droplet.

Particle Size Distribution

The NANO-flex® 180° DLS System measures size distributions in the range of 0.8 nm to 6.5 µm. The applied heterodyne 180° back scattering principle of the Nanotrac® is characterised by its high selectivity in the nano-range and is therefore also suitable for samples with broad size distribution. Highly concentrated samples are measured without interfering multiple scattering.
The applied Nanotrac® back scattering in the NANO-flex® is designed as a flexible measuring probe with 8 mm ø. Thus, it can be used in many ways, even in-situ and in the measuring cylinder of the Stabino®!

Molecular weight determination according to Debye

Further to the DLS size, a Debye plot feature with automatic dn/dc determination provides molecular weight.

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