De retour à Mélangeurs sans lame

FlackTek RoboDAC™

RoboDAC offre aux utilisateurs de SpeedMixer tous les avantages standard de la technologie SpeedMixer mais couplé à un robot collaboratif automatisé. Ce robot aime et fonctionne bien avec les gens, pas besoin de cages ici ! Cette unité compacte et automatisée ne prend que la taille d’un grand bureau dans votre laboratoire, mais vous offre un mélange, une formulation et une tenue de registres à haut débit.

Mélange et broyage automatisés de qualité supérieure

  • colloïdes
  • fluides
  • graisse
  • résines
  • encres et peintures
  • silicones
  • pâtes
  • huiles
  • crèmes et gels
  • les émulsions
  • époxydes
  • les poudres
  • uréthanes
  • et plus


RoboDAC™, the SpeedMixer Assistant

RoboDAC offers SpeedMixer users all the standard benefits of SpeedMixer technology but coupled with an automated collaborative robot. This robot likes and works well with people, no need for cages here! This compact-automated unit only takes up the size of a large office desk in your lab but offers you high-throughput mixing and formulation and record keeping.

Automated Superior Mixing & Grinding

  • colloids
  • fluids
  • grease
  • resins
  • inks & paints
  • silicones
  • pastes
  • oils
  • creams & gels
  • emulsions
  • epoxies
  • powders
  • urethanes
  • and more

Your Own Robot

Technicians, chemists, engineers, or scientists should be focused on thinking and formulating, not pressing buttons and loading and unloading a mixer! Remember, the RoboDAC can continue working, even after everyone has gone home for the weekend.

Features Include

  • Automated mixing profile updates – many formulations need different mixing profiles – users apply a printed-adhesive 2D barcode on the bottom of your cup which tells the machine what speeds/times & mixing profile to use for each cup
  • GMP ready: each cup and mix is serialized so that when a process is complete, the user knows and can verify, via stored data, which specific cup underwent what specific mixing profiles speeds/times/dates.
  • Automatic incoming feed/out-going feed – RoboDAC can be programmed to mix all day and all night, as long as there are incoming cups available!
  • Error handling- when a mix is not completed/can not be completed for any reason, the cup is electronically marked and physically stored to the side- this is noted within the mixing datalog. This error handling ensures that only fully and properly processed materials are sent to the outgoing line.
  • 2D barcode can be created to control and work with external automated processes/scans within your facility.

Applications SpeedMixer

Applications SpeedMixer